‘I was a soloution that shouldn’t have been made’-Shaza

Be the voice of reason



‘With swords in our mouths,
Flicking out like snakes
With thick blades
And broken vows,
Where hate brews from our mistakes
Which we allow.

How can we let continuous suffering
While others have seen  horrors
As the media is rediscovering
The people who sold their daughters
To solve their heroin addictions
As the ISIS slaughter
And the KKK shootings
that the news dare to mention.
Made by love
Yet we spit out splintered glass
Thinking we’re above
When we see people of different races and class
Fueled by wrong belief that won’t last
Because the right decision seems tough
As we focus too much about the past
Killing people, can’t you see we’ve had enough?

Earthquakes are caused by the rage of deceased innocence,
Crime ridden countries
Ruled by  malevolence.

We only talk about peace
When we have terrorists and dictators
People of the country are demanding release
As we put our trust in bigoted traitors.’


Trust but don’t be blind