I stole a breath as the first day of winter rolled in. I let out a sigh and watched the remnant of my warm breath collide with winter’s frigid fist.My body fell in to a state of agitation as winter tried to claim me , so I too can sleep beneath the snow. I merely let my hands delve further down inside my pockets , trying to persuade myself that the holes were just part of my fanciful imagination , a simple figment of my unused creativity. 

My act must have aroused the wrath of the wind as I heard it let out a war cry just before it pierced me. My breathing started to become more shallow as I hobbled along letting my body quiver .Gently I put one foot over the other reminding my body how to walk and teaching it to leave no mark .

A war was made of many battles and I acknowledged that the wind was not done. It clawed at me vehemently as my brain tried to save my destination from the grasp of ambiguity . 

My face had began to freeze and it felt as if time halted harshly to a stop. It hadn’t. I knew this because the snow flakes still kept dropping down with purpose . The snow had accumulated as I sluggishly trudged on yet as usual I left no evidence of my existence . The winds shrill scream was the last thing I remember of that day.

Winter ,the worlds most beautiful graveyard with creatures and plants laying dormant , patiently awaiting life. I am still waiting for life .


Short story


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