Parallel lines

Parallel lines,

Disconcertingly similar

But not the same.

Parallel lines,

Never meet.

But we have,


Parallel lines, 

Go on forever.

But we can’t,

Not forever.

Not just degrees ,

Between us,

But worlds .

See you ,

Live in a book,

I read.”-Shaza

Plot twist 



‘Mark my words as the wars you started began with similar words.
An uprising of sanity will occur for our country’s sake.
Indoctrinated to believe that our feigned freedom  was  our choice.
No more fear of prosecution for our rights, that we had to leave.

They are driven senseless by rapacity and self interest.
Your contempt for named people that you swore to protect with justice,
Has rendered us speechless for falsity you try to clarify.
Go consider our lies and take them as truth to fuel your beliefs.

Our faith is nothing more than  counterfeit to throw off clouded eyes.
Our tales of ordinary feats celebrated in silence.
Our history was written by him with our generations blood.
People are stealing hope to light their homes to show that they still live.


I wrote this poem recently focusing on the syllable count.The first four lines of each stanza have 16 syllables each.


“I was writhing on the floor ,groping the earth beneath me in an attempt to soothe the fire. 

The world around me impervious to my cries, my pleas for mercy-
I was left to burn alive . 
I grovelled in the shadows of the world till my fire died out .My will to live was fractured and my motivation sprained. 
Now I look around as the fire crawls, licking the paint off the walls .”


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