Lightning and thunder.

The rain would soon follow them, seeping into the minds of men, soothing their uneasiness just before they hastily prop up their umbrellas. Shields. They would take larger strides than normal, making their way to the station to be hugged by the humdrum of life as the sky above ceases to distract them.

The screeching of the tram seemed to startle her, the pages of the book that her fingers were clasped on, softened and the book shut – abruptly.

Flona had been wrapped up in the pages of her book, in another world, until the real one came screeching. She had been reading on her chair, the one on her balcony that overlooked the tram station. That’s when she remembered. Her biscuits fell off the table and her tea jerked in its cup.

” Oh no,” she grabbed her coat,

“No no no no no !”

The front door slammed.

Her boots smacked the ground and she lifted her hood up as the rain began to pour. The tram had arrived 15 minutes ago. She was late.

Her phone vibrated once then twice as she took a shortcut, where spray cans littered the path and walls were etched with the scrawls of ever-changing teenage affection. Greeted by the coloured screens of the updating timetables, Flona made her way to gate 4. The seats there were unoccupied and the only thing that was present was the glowing LED lights. Flona reached for her phone,

” sorry honey, the tram is going to be a little late, I love you” – Mum (sent 3 minutes ago)

” Tram’s a bit late don’t worry about us, see you soon, love you” – Dad (sent 2 minutes ago)

Flona’s breath retreated and a huge sigh of relief followed. The last thing she wanted were wet and slightly disgruntled parents, she lifted up her hood that was beginning to slip.

Their visits turned from a semi-annual event to monthly surprises, she was given a days’ notice before their arrival. They were –

“The doors are now open,”

the announcement echoed,

“Please mind the gap.”

Sniffling, Flona made her way to where her parents stood. Before a word could be exchanged, her mother’s arms surrounded her.

” Good afternoon Flona,” Said her dad

“Good afternoon-”

“Dad,” Flona spluttered the last word, struggling in the tight embrace of her mother.

Bemused by his wife, he used this chance to carry on,

“I missed you so much, darling,”

“We both did,” added her mother, glancing at Flona who staggered backward.

” I missed you both as well,”

Her foot circling the ground, she carried on,

But you act like you haven’t seen me for such a long time when it has only been three weeks.”

“Well three weeks is a long time for us,” her dad replied.

With a shadow of a smile, Flona pulled her hood up once more as her parents opened their umbrellas. They stepped into the blur of the station, clouded figures in the rain.

Used tissues filled her pockets and a pinched red nose marked her face, but at least Flona’s lilac scarf matched her coat.

” I like your scarf, where did you get it from?” asked her mother

“Thank you, I made it myself.”

“You can knit? Since when?”

” I started five months ago”she said , taking out her keys.

The door swung to reveal a rather spacious apartment and an aging cat, sleeping.


Here’s my first chapter of my book that I will hopefully finish gahhh ahaha I would love to hear your opinions x



‘I plunged my fingers into the lithic surface.It was so worn out and soft that it crumbled in my hands. Our Moon’s surface looked stable with burnt edges but it took little force to reduce it to mere powder.I grappled.My helmet protecting me from the Moon’s remains as I edged ever closer to the crater.

A cavity burrowed into the ground of the Moon,which no creature of human origin could have created. It was hollow but sturdy with a platinum tinge to it. It made me feel safe … for a while.

So here I am struggling to survive. I’m looking out for monsters and other repugnant beasts. Though I would much prefer them as their nature is clear unlike my manipulative brothers back on Earth.Their malicious intent revealed at times of desperation.

As I thought of Earth I decided to look back .Earth reminded me of a blown out candle, it gave us light it gave us hope, but we decided that we no longer needed it. So we strived to destroy the only thing we needed to stay alive. Along with every tree we chopped and every drop we polluted our oceans, a piece of our soul was removed, till we were nothing.Roaming the Earth like ghosts with memories of our disillusioned past.

I have heard tales of creatures that have done unimaginable things to people who stray the galaxy helpless. They can engulf humans and take on their form, the ultimate immersion.That’s what makes them hard to spot. ‘-Shaza

Short story , I wrote it for a prompt.


I stole a breath as the first day of winter rolled in. I let out a sigh and watched the remnant of my warm breath collide with winter’s frigid fist.My body fell in to a state of agitation as winter tried to claim me , so I too can sleep beneath the snow. I merely let my hands delve further down inside my pockets , trying to persuade myself that the holes were just part of my fanciful imagination , a simple figment of my unused creativity. 

My act must have aroused the wrath of the wind as I heard it let out a war cry just before it pierced me. My breathing started to become more shallow as I hobbled along letting my body quiver .Gently I put one foot over the other reminding my body how to walk and teaching it to leave no mark .

A war was made of many battles and I acknowledged that the wind was not done. It clawed at me vehemently as my brain tried to save my destination from the grasp of ambiguity . 

My face had began to freeze and it felt as if time halted harshly to a stop. It hadn’t. I knew this because the snow flakes still kept dropping down with purpose . The snow had accumulated as I sluggishly trudged on yet as usual I left no evidence of my existence . The winds shrill scream was the last thing I remember of that day.

Winter ,the worlds most beautiful graveyard with creatures and plants laying dormant , patiently awaiting life. I am still waiting for life .


Short story